• Introduction

    The Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology (FUUAST) Media Cell Program started in 2020. The syllabus for the program strikes a harmonious balance between Literature and Langugae. The curriculum gradually proceeds from foundational to advanced courses to build conceptual understanding of students in the core areas of Literature and Linguistics. We have adopted a future oriented comprehensive approach to ensure that our students develop effective reading, writing and presentation skills so that they can thrive in the competitive professional environment. One of the distinguishing features of the Department of English is its focus on the co-curricular activities. The department organizes various literary and co-curricular activities through English Literary Society (ELS). The students get the opportunity to build confidence and express their creativity through these activities. The Department of English at FUUAST is emerging as one of the best departments enrolling 250 plus students within a short span of one year.

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