• Department of International Relations


    The Department of International Relations at FUUAST Islamabad was established in 2021. It offers BS 4 years degree in International Relations at the moment. The Department seeks to advance the science of politics and international relations through teaching and research. For this purpose, the department focuses on grooming students for taking up responsibilities as successful professionals.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is a world with a wider understanding of political power and process. This is what we study and this is what we teach.

  • Mission

    The educational Mission of department of International Relations at Federal Urdu University for Arts, Science & Technology Islamabad is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. It provides students with the competencies they need for professional careers as well as for further academic study.

  • Objectives

    Department of International Relations will enhance its national and international stature by achieving a number of specific academic objectives. Among the strategic goals articulated for the immediate future:
    The primary objective of this program in International Relations is to acquaint the students with the broader concepts and theories of the discipline as well as inducing a broader comprehension and instilling an analytical approach towards political history of the world, contemporary conflicts, domestic politics and future global trends. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted while designing the structure of the program. It will help the students to interact meaningfully with other branches of knowledge so as to ensure a better understanding of the state and society. Furthermore, the significant multidisciplinary nature of the discipline makes the discourses cosmopolitan and equally challenging.

  • HoD Message

    International Relations is a vast discipline that cannot be ignored in this highly globalized and interconnected world. It engages you with the key international issues ranging from politics, security, economy, geography, environmental issues, human rights and religious intolerance and many more. It explores how nations and international institutions ought to respond to complex global problems in this rapidly changing era. . The department of international Relations established in 2021, targets both its students and policy makers. Our courses are designed to develop a strong conceptual background in our students and equip them with up-to-date information as well as inculcate critical thinking in them. This approach is beneficial for developing a trend of advanced research in the subject designed to equip policymakers and civil servants from across the globe to meet the challenges of the future, creating leaders capable of delivering the services that citizens expect today. Through education, research and public engagement, the department focuses on the most pressing foreign policy problems and international issues, ensuring that policy professionals are prepared with both the hard and soft skills necessary to understand how power, influence and change move through political circles.