• Department of Islamic Studies


    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an Islamic welfare state. That is why "Islamic Studies" has always been included as a compulsory subject in the country's education policy, and the "Department of Islamic Studies" has always been given a prominent status as an important department among educational institutions. Since November 2003, with the establishment of the Federal Urdu University Islamabad Campus, "Islamic Studies" has been taught here at the bachelor's level, but the need for the Department of Islamic Studies was being strongly felt. Finally, in August 2013, the Department of Islamic Studies was officially announced at the Federal Urdu University Islamabad campus and the classes for M.A. (Islamic Studies) were started here. In March 2016, the M.Phil (Islamic Studies) program was also started. later on, because of the contemporary educational needs, a better future for students and modern requirements, the B.S. (Islamic Studies) program has also been formally started in October 2019. Currently, the following programs are ongoing in the Department.
    1. BS Islamic Studies (4 Years Program)
    2. BS Islamic Studies (2 Years Associate Degree Program)
    3. BS Islamic Studies (2 Years Program-5th Semester Intake)
    4. M.Phil. Islamic Studies (2 Years Program)

  • Vision

    Our vision is to advance as a superior department, promote the transmission of knowledge, foster deeper understanding, and promote Islamic civilization, thought, and practice. We aspire to produce informed and conscious students who not only carry the torch of wisdom but also play an active role in the preservation and development of Islamic heritage and civilization. In our pursuit of excellence, we envision graduates with a thorough understanding of Islamic principles and traditions, equipped to deal with the complexities of the contemporary world. We aim to create a passion for the preservation of Islamic heritage and to carry forward its legacy.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to make our graduates ambassadors of Islamic knowledge through rigorous scholarly and research endeavors, ever ready to contribute meaningfully to the current narrative of Islamic civilization. God willing, in this journey of knowledge, we will try to pave the way for a future where the essence of Islamic thought and practice will flourish.

  • Objectives

    To create more awareness among the students about the subject.

    • Attracting the modern educated class to religious studies.
    • Initiating high-level research on Islamic topics.
    • Protecting the Islamic heritage, raising the standard of education, organizing the religious education and the training of a new generation that is influenced by the West.
    • To highlight the importance of studying the Qur’an, Hadith, the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other Islamic sciences.
    • To enable students to participate in society through Islamic education and research to respond effectively to modern challenges.
    • To prepare such individuals as ordinary citizens in society through the education and training of social ethics and reciprocity of rights, who become an inspiring example of action for others.
    • To educate and train students in such a way that they acquire the skills to work according to Islamic values in every sphere of life and thus build a proud and self-sufficient nation.
    • To fulfil the international standard of research and to reveal to the public the importance and excellence of rational and traditional sciences of Islam.
    • Conducting research and studies for the development of Islamic thought.
  • HoD Message

    I extend a warm welcome with confidence to all prospective students interested in pursuing studies at the Department of Islamic Studies, Federal Urdu University, Islamabad as it opens up a vast world full of personal, academic, social and global opportunities. The Islamic studies has a multinational and multidisciplinary canvas. This discipline has developed extensively in the last several decades, resulting in it being offered not only in all major universities and colleges in the country but also in the regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. There is great scope for qualitative and quantitative research in the Islamic Studies department as the subject is open to graduates from all backgrounds. The multifaceted potential of the subject not only provides ample scope for academic utility but also fulfils social needs.