• Department of Economics


    The Department of Economics aims to contribute to the frontier of knowledge in all core areas of Economics. Currently, it is one of the leading departments in the field of Economics in terms of PhD faculty strength, diversity of offered courses, and research publications. The Department of Economics at FUUAST was launched in spring 2004. It commenced its program with one full-time professor and a few visiting faculties, and since then it has blossomed into an excellent centre of economic learning. Since the launch of study programs in economics in 2004, 44 candidates have been awarded Ph.D. degrees, while 115 have been awarded M. Phil degrees. The graduates of the department have been successful in competing in job markets and holding their own against the alumni of well-established institutions of higher learning in the country. The Mission of the Department of Economics is to train graduates in economics who are well grounded in economic theory and its applications to real-life situations. The department is also publishing a peer-reviewed research journal. The Journal of Economic Sciences (JES), with E-ISSN 2958-0676 and P-SSN 2958-0668, is a biannual and open-access journal. It aims to encourage and promote original thinking in various fields of the economic sciences. The journal also offers a unique perspective on policy issues critical to developing economies around the world. It publishes original theoretical and empirical contributions in economics (all areas) and related fields. The department offers programs of study leading to B.S. Economics, BS Economics and Finance, M. Phil., and Ph.D. degrees in Economics. There are two associate professors and six assistant professors in the department and two lecturers.

  • Vision

    The Department of Economics seeks to contribute to questions at the frontiers of economic knowledge by drawing on the economic and social life in economic research. The Department has 8 full-time PhD faculty members who are dedicated to teaching and conducting research in areas such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, development, environment, trade, and finance. Our undergraduate programme provides with a comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and applied concepts in the economics and finance. We encourage to learn how to pose interesting economic questions and apply economic theory and empirical methods in solving problems. Students are able to choose from three major areas: Economics; Economics and Political Science; Economics and Mathematics. Our undergraduate students go on to build careers in government, policy making, law, education, and business, with many pursuing post-graduate degrees. The graduate programme is designed for fresh graduates as well as professionals seeking further training in Economics for career progression or change. We in MS and PhD Economics encourages you to apply your training to address and resolve major challenges in business and policy.

  • Objectives

    The Department of Economics aims to provide the curriculum and environment that fosters development of effective practitioners and scholars. The students are given training in economic and financial analysis, and statistical tools. They develop understanding of the financial markets and the financial instruments, and a broader perspective of the contemporary issues. The objective is to develop the skills, professional attitude, and competence required to design, evaluate and execute decisions, policies and strategies in today’s highly dynamic environment. The rigorous training provided by the Department has proved to be a solid foundation for individuals who have gone directly to the workforce in the financial services sector or business management, or consultancy, or decided to continue their education in graduate business and other professional fields.

  • HoD Message

    As the head of this excellent department, I have the great honor of having this chair. I've been a part of this community for fifteen years, and I must say that spending my life with such amazing individuals has been a true pleasure. I desire that FUUAST undergraduates learn how economics may be used to develop the world. I am glad that students who are interested in finance or management consulting have traditionally chosen to specialize in economics. Economics is for me or you if we want to learn about policies that affect the environment or end world poverty. Economics is for us if we're interested in learning what drives economic growth or inequality. The market economies support horrible forms of discrimination while also making technical miracles possible. Improving the global economy starts with understanding it. Making sure that every undergraduate has the chance to participate in authentic economic research is something I am quite passionate about. It is my goal that economic research will bring happiness to our graduate students. Finding a new fact or understanding a new idea is one of life's greatest joys. Additionally, keep in mind that humans are social animals that learn from being around other intelligent people. I am extremely appreciative of our partners, and the employees that make the department run smoothly. Their diffident expertise and good nature are invaluable in fostering a vibrant academic environment. Please let me know if there is any way that I can improve your lives. The FUUAST Department of Economics is a friendly and brilliant place. Many of the most important issues confronting humanity have answers that can be found in the study of economics. That's a belief I hold, and I hope you do too.