• Department of Mathematical Sciences


    The Department of Mathematical Sciences of Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology Islamabad is one of the first few departments of the university. The department was properly established in 2020, before this it was a part of the Allied Departments. It consists of highly qualified faculty members, most of them are actively engaged in various research fields (pure & applied). The Department is playing a great role in promoting the University both in academic and research. Every year the faculty members produce a number of research articles in international peer reviewed Journals. Many faculty members have research collaborations with the leading researches of the foreign universities. Currently the department is offering BS (Hon’s), BS(Special) & ADP Degrees in Mathematics.

  • Vision

    1. To contribute to the nation through quality education and research in Mathematics.
    2. To become a valuable resource for industry and society; and to be a center of excellence

  • Mission

    The mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to provide an innovative and supportive environment where students can develop a thorough understanding and appreciation for the mathematical sciences. The department endeavors to empower students through the mastery of core content and the ability to apply their knowledge. To this end, the department strives to provide quality instruction that builds a rigorous and comprehensive foundation for a diverse student body preparing to enter a variety of professions. In particular, the department is devoted to maintaining a strong undergraduate and graduate curriculum that provides a broad spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics, as well as statistics, in order to support Students fulfilling their quantitative literacy component of their undergraduate education.
    Students fulfilling the mathematical curriculum component of their majors.
    Students majoring in mathematics or statistics who intend to utilize their disciplines in industry or graduate study.
    To create an ambiance in which state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs will flourish. To identify different industrial problems through industry-academia interaction and to undertake collaborative projects for long term development. To generate human resource with finest capabilities who can emerge as leaders in a range of professions.

  • Objectives

    To achieve the academic excellence in teaching and research of Mathematics by producing the graduates equipped with moral , social and scientific values, thus providing highly qualified mathematicians to our dear homeland Pakistan who can contribute towards the scientific growth of the nation.

  • HoD Message

    The educational Mission of department of Mathematics at Federal Urdu University for Arts, Science & Technology Islamabad is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. It provides students with the competencies they need for professional careers as well as for further academic study.