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Department of Economics

M.Sc. 1st (Morning)

M.Sc. 2d (Morning)

M.Sc. 3rd(Morning)

M.Sc.4th (Morning)

***************************Department of Islamiat**********************

Department of Islamiat

M.A 1st Morning

M.A 2nd Morning

M.A 3rd Morning

M.A 4th Morning

M.Phil 1st

M.Phil 2nd

*************************Department of Commerce************************

Department of Commerce

M.Com 4th Weekend

M.Com 3rd Weekend

M.Com 2nd Weekend

M.Com 1st-B Weekend

M.Com 1st-A Weekend

M.Com 3rd-B Morning

M.Com 3rd-A Morning

M.Com 1st-B Morning

M.Com 1st-B Morning

M.Com 4th Evening

M.Com 3rd-B Evening

B.Com 4th Evening

B.Com 3rd Evening

B.Com 2nd Evening

B.Com 1st Evening

B.Com 1st-A Morning

B.Com 1st-B Morning

B.Com 1st-C Morning

B.Com 2nd Morning

*********** URDU DEPARTMENT ***********


MA Urdu 1st (Morning)

MA Urdu 2nd (Morning)

MA Urdu 3rd (Morning)

MA Urdu 4th (Morning)

Department of Applied Physics









M.Sc. 1st (Morning)

M.Sc. 2nd (Morning)

M.Sc. 3rd(Morning)

M.Sc.4th (Morning)

******************Department of Business Administration*************************

Department of Business Administration

BBA 1st-A Morning

BBA 1st-B Morning

BBA 1st-C Morning

BBA 2nd-A Morning

BBA 2nd-B Morning

BBA 3rd-A Morning

BBA 3rd-B Morning

BBA 5th-A Morning

BBA 5th-B Morning

\ BBA 6th Morning

BBA 7th Morning.pdf

BBA 8th Morning

MBA 1st Morning

MBA 2nd Morning

MBA 3rd Morning

MBA 4th-A Morning

MBA 4th-B Morning

MBA 5th Morning

MBA 6th Morning

MBA 7th Morning

MBA 1st Evening

MBA 2nd Evening

MBA 3rd Evening

MBA 6th Evening.pdf

MBA (1.5 Year) 1st Morning

MBA (1.5 Year) 2nd Morning

MBA (1.5 Year) 3rd Morning

MBA (1.5 Year) 1st Evening

MBA (1.5 Year) 3rd Evening

MBE 2nd Evening

MBE 3rd Evening

MBS 2nd Weekend

MBS 3rd Weekend

MBF 1st Morning

MBF 1st Evening

MBF 2nd Weekend

MBF 3rd Weekend

MBF 4th Weekend

***************Department of Computer Science******************

Department of Computer Science

BSCS 1st A Morning

BSCS 1st B Morning

BSCS 1st C Morning

BSCS 2nd A Morning

BSCS 2nd B Morning

BSCS 3rd A Morning

BSCS 3rd B Morning

BSCS 4th A Morning

BSCS 4th B Morning

BSCS 5th A Morning

BSCS 5th B Morning

BSCS 6th Morning

BSCS 7th A Morning

BSCS 7th B Morning

BSCS 8th A Morning

BSCS 8th B Morning

BSCS 1st A Evening

BSCS 2nd Evening

BSCS 3rd A evening

BSCS 3rd B evening

BSCS 4th evening

BSCS 5th A evening

BSCS 5th B evening

BSCS 6th evening

BSCS 7th A Evening

BSCS 7th B evening

BSCS 8th A evening

BSCS 8th B evening

MSc 1st Morning

MSc 2nd Morning

MSc 3rd Morning

MSc 4th Morning

MS 1st Evening

MS 2nd Evening